About Statistics

Information regarding data stored in a particular release of abYsis.

    Sequences Analysed

    Germline Collection

    Key Annotation

About Definitions

Information about the definitions used in abYsis.

    Numbering Schemes and Regions

    Canonical Classes

    Post-translational Modifications

Database Searches

The search pages give you access to information contained in the abYsis database.

Sequence Input: Analyzing your own sequence

These pages allow you to analyze your own sequences

Key Annotation

This page allows you to enter you protein and/or DNA sequence data. Submitting multiple sequences in FASTA format will give you a multi-sequence alignment:

    Annotate your sequence

    Alignment page

Submitting your sequence will take you to the 'key annotation' for your sequence.

Blast searches

You can perform a BLAST search of your sequence against data in the database.

    BLAST your sequence

    The BLAST program

    BLAST options

    The BLAST amino acid similarty matrices

DNA Alignment

The DNA Alignment page allows you to perform alignment between a protein and DNA sequence

    Protein/DNA alignment

Database Upload

You can upload your own sequences onto the abYsis database

    Database Upload

The key annotation page

The key annotation page displays the full analysis for a given sequence.
You reach this page either by performing a search and clicking on an accession code, or by providing your own sequence for analysis.

It contains 6 tabs:


    Canonical classes




    Library Deign